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Public Outrage Over Bank of America's Predatory Practices

In recent weeks, there's been a growing chorus of public outrage over the lavish bonuses paid to bank executives like Bank of America CEO Ken Lewis, whose self-serving profit schemes and risky financial deals led to today's economic collapse.

After spending billions to bailout big banks for their bad behavior, taxpayers are making their voices heard in the streets, in the halls of Congress, and through online campaigns to say: Enough is enough. It's time to close the chapter on corporate excess, restore America's middle class, and create an economy that works for everyone.

Leading up to Bank of America's annual shareholder meeting on April 29, consumers, employees and shareholders will call for reform, from top to bottom, of Banks of America's practices of preying on consumers, abusing employees, and using their power in Washington to block pro-worker legislation that would help restore our economy and rebuild the middle class.  To get involved, go to

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Welcome to the on-line community for Member Connectors (MCs) in SEIU/1199. Here, MCs will have the ability to control their own network, find important information about issues members really care about, and most importantly, MCs will be able to communicate with each other across the entire District.

For members who are currently MCs, please click on the "Sign In" tab located at the top right. If you have trouble logging in, please contact the administrator. If you would like to become and MC for your chapter, it's simple. Just click here and put in the subject line New MC. Your organizer will contact you directly to get you a username and password so you can begin to lead your own network at your worksite.

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